Pretty Girl

September 15, 2013
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I am so tired of being
Like it means something
when I was a little girl my mom used to
stand behind me and
smooth my hair and murmur
"Such a pretty girl."
Being pretty didn't teach me how to sing
the only way my words flow smoothly
and my thoughts unclutter
Being pretty didn't help me in my classes
Any A I get is time spent in
glasses and messy hair over a textbook
not dolled up in that little red dress
Being pretty didn't get me a boy
at least not one worth having
as if the cat calls and wolf whistles
and crude names
are praise
like I should be proud of them!
Being pretty didn't save me
from rough hands and
kiss muffled screaming
Pretty isn't worth anything.
It is all just a smoke and mirrors act
meant to be a cushion for life
want to know what my goal is
I never will have someone look at me and say
"Well, at least you're pretty."

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