everlasting love

September 5, 2013
when i saw you... i saw you as a sister
that was the past which is different than now
now i see you as a girlfriend for me
someone that will stay around forever
a person that would love me for me
dont tell me you dont love me
because i know its not true in the least
you look at me with love and compassion
when i see that my heart flutters
never will i give up my hope for us
i say what i say for a reason
the reason is hope, nothing more, nothing less
i cant live every day knowing the things i do
the things i hear, the things i see, none comfort me
i find it hard to move on because of my love
there is rarely a time i forget
now all i can do is wait
because sooner or later you will come
and that will be the day
i shall be happy forevermore with you
in this land sorrow will never touch me
you might not see it as i do
but i still wont give up
until that day this will be an everlasting love

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