Man On The Run

September 6, 2013
Running still running but almost there
The line between me and freedom is as thin as a hair
A hair named John, a man named John, all I need for freedom was him to be gone
Slip out my revolver knock him to the floor pull the trigger and there is my door
The man yells in deep agony but I feel no pain, to me its all just a game
He speaks of his daughter his son and his wife
It's all up to me just to take his life
I have done away with so many it would not be hard
He will be dead and I, just one more scar
My decision is made, and with that gun I laid
down all of my freedom and chance at new life.
Please take the gun, take it and run
call in the force and that means of course
My life will be ended, sentenced to death
I write to my love, a girl named Beth
Dear Beth,
Ive been captured, caught up at last
I've stopped running, running from my horrible past
I had freedom a life a love it all, but now with my choice I must come to fall
I love you Beth and I give you this last breath
Live happy and long even when all hope is gone
and always stand tall for the choices you make

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