Wartime Girl MAG

August 23, 2013
By ShelbyisWriting SILVER, Covington, Louisiana
ShelbyisWriting SILVER, Covington, Louisiana
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And when she screams
The whole world hears
People in the east look up
From their ocean-stained boots
And red nosed boys huddled by a fire
And new mothers
Swathed in plaid
Cover their babies' ears

And when she cries
The rivers stop running
And the oceans spraying
And the sound they hear is quiet
Quiet on the moon
And quiet in the water
And quiet on land
And everywhere else
There was ever chaos

Her hair is fire
And her voice is ice
But her fingers are silk
And her toes are cotton
And when she blinks
the breeze blows the sand
And when she whispers
Leaves float on her timbre
And all that she is or was
Becomes us

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