More Than Friends

August 20, 2013
Laughed at each other’s jokes
Even shared secrets

But still I never dreamt
Well, that’s not true, I dreamt all the time
That he would be mine

One day, I just realized
We were close enough that I could risk it

I’ve never loved the word, “Yes” more.

My heart leaped to my throat
My stomach did that annoying butterflies thing
I swear my feet left the ground

For those few seconds
I was possibly the happiest teenager
In the world

But then, I knew in my heart
It couldn’t really be true
That feeling wouldn’t last forever

He said those words
Those 4 words I’ve come to hate

“But just as friends.”

I wanted to go
I’d never had a date to the dance before
I wanted to go with him

Sure it would still
Be the most fun I’d had
In a long time

But still
I always wish I could hear
The “Yes” without the “but just as friends”

They almost never come alone.

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