It's Time

August 13, 2013
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Sometimes I wonder where you are
Still staring at you from afar.
Always looking at our photos online
From our happy times before our decline.

A new day is calling out my name
Since every other day is the same.
The whole world believes it’s a crime
To be pining for you all the time.

When it comes to the matters of my heart,
Who are the ones that keep us apart?
Not him, not her, not them over there,
Wondering why we’re always in despair.

Today, I finally gave it much thought
As to why you made me distraught.
I always thought we would fall in love
Why did I miss the messages from above?

I should’ve flown away when I had the chance
But, I chose to believe this so-called romance.
It’s finally time to let you be
But please, don’t you ever grieve for me.

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