Coffee doesn't write about itself

August 2, 2013
By Sharon.Sturnfield GOLD, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
Sharon.Sturnfield GOLD, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
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Coffee doesn’t judge you in the morning
Or put the extra shot of hatred in your cup
Coffee didn’t crack your ceramic mug
Or demand more sugar from across the kitchen
Coffee wasn’t what made you late for work
Or what made you spill your blood out on the counter

Coffee doesn’t look at you in disgust
It only reflects the look on your own face
Coffee doesn’t set the price for a second cup
Or make your shaking hands spill it in the car
Coffee never asked to be your only meal of the day
And it doesn’t put the bills in your mailbox

Coffee doesn’t ask you to forget the people that left
Or tell you everything will turn around, somehow
Coffee will never hold you at night
Coffee will never cry or scream or rage
Coffee just helps you stay awake through long hours
It gives you the energy to flip to the next page, every day

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