August 5, 2013
Don’t fall in love with the boy with the crooked smile,
The one with the dark past, taste of cigarettes and breath mints.
Don’t let him ever see your heart.
When he places his hand around you and kisses you
Think nothing of it.
In fact, think nothing at all.
Keep your solidness and wear it as a weapon,
Your defenses high, your walls apparent and steel.
When he wraps his hand around someone else,
Tell yourself that you don’t care.
Maybe you don’t.
But every time he comes around
With his skateboard and exotic accent
You’ll wish you were the girl he held.
Because when you were alone with him,
You were the only girl that mattered.
Don’t ever let him say ‘I love you’,
Because he will mean it.
Don’t ever let yourself say it back,
Because he will know you mean it as well.
Don’t ever say goodbye to the boy with the accent,
Don’t let his cigarette breath linger in the space between your faces,
And never let him say “I’ll miss you.’
Because that will hurt the most
Even if your walls are high and your weapons are loaded and ready,
You will miss him too.
You will remember his intoxication.
His hand on your waist,
How he was less of a man and more of an enigma,
Blurring the lines between the shadow and himself.
Don’t ever miss the boy on the skateboard,
And don’t ever regret letting him go.
Because through the smoke and mirage, the haze and pain of love,
That will hurt the most.

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