July 31, 2013
I stretch softly and look
across the table,
the bedside table,
to touch it.
Appreciate it.
My special gift.
But it's not there.
It's gone.
Why is it gone?
Where did it go?

Standing up from the bed
I look around,
gaze around the room.
"Perhaps I misplaced it."
But I know I have not.
I never forget my precious gift,
never once moved it,
or messed with it's form.
For those who do so,
often lose it too soon.

"It has been stolen."
I finally realize,
taking in the truth,
the horrible truth.
"But who would do this?
Such a tragic thing."
The waves of realization crash over me
And I feel numb

Then I see it,
the gray.
I see it starting at the door
Enveloping it,
changing it.
The door becomes part of it,
then the walls,
then the floor.
It is reaching towards me,
wanting to change me.
But I can't let it,
I must run

Out of the window,
the only place untouched.
Feet landing on the ground,
it hurts,
but I waste no time.
I break into a sprint,
away from the dullness.
I can't change,
can't be like it.

My gift,
I need it back.
The only thing that will keep the gray away.
I'll find the thief
I'll get my revenge.

Through the woods.
Through the fields.
Never stopping,
never slowing.
The gray speeds up as I ignore it,
growing impatient
wishing for my surrender.
But I won't.
I'll run forever if I must.

Now there's a man.
I'm not sure when he appeared
but he's there.
I've seen him before.
Time freezes.
The memories race back.
He took my special gift.
He's the thief.
He took it from me.

I continue to run,
slamming into him.
Turning anger into punches.
Turning sadness into kicks.
However, they have no effect,
he doesn't even move,
simply grips my shoulders tightly,
and gives me to the gray.

The gray is dark
Almost... Enchanting.
While it scares me,
it keeps me safe.
I am used to it now,
that feeling of dullness.
In fact,
it's not so dull anymore,
just a different kind of emotion.

The man stole my gift,
and forced me into this place.
But I protected it too much,
and it was only hurting me.
I realize that now
and forgive him.

He finds me again,
but now I'm almost faded.
I'm going to disappear,
just like everyone before.
Forgotten by the world.
I'm not sure if he's real,
or just a hallucination,
but he simply smiles at me,
and disappears.
And I fade into the gray.
I become nothing.

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DerickJerome said...
Aug. 1, 2013 at 7:45 am
This is really good . I personally Dont Find It Weird just different . Keep it up . And if you get a chance check out my poem "Only in Fairy Tales"
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