Fascism in Me and My World

July 28, 2013
By track4life BRONZE, Ithaca, New York
track4life BRONZE, Ithaca, New York
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They can because they think they can!

Today is the day
They are coming after me
I’ve broken the law
For only being myself.

Yesterday I spoke out
But no words came from my mouth
I was the oddball
I was the distinct face in the crowd

Tomorrow will be the day
That I will be displayed
My corpse being dragged about
My dignity gone,

Oh where has my dignity gone?

I’m black,
I’m white
I’m not in-between,
I’m no place to be seen

Except when I am the “other”

The different person

The alien

The foreigner

Today is the day
Where I will once again
Be dubbed with
May harsh nicknames


Yesterday, I was just
The black woman
The weirdo
The non-entity

Tomorrow will be the day
Where my race, my heritage
Will be wiped out
I will be no more

My race will be no more.

Today is the day where
Those who are strong
stand up and take over
they overthrow what was in place

yesterday, we were not
happy, but rather in a
strained state of being
everything was fine, but not great

My liberties will be
Taken away from me
No longer will I have any rights

I will no longer have a say

Where has my voice gone?

Today will be the day
When they come looking for me

The black

The bisexual

The oddball

The come looking for me
The will find me
They will injure my

And my happiness.

They will get you,
They will taunt
They will justify their hatred
Towards you

They will find something wrong
They will always find something wrong

Whether you do something
Or whether you sit back and watch

Today is the day
I will be no more

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by learning about fascist Germany and learning about WWII. I put my own life into poems I wrote, especially this one.

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