Notes From a Teachers Child

July 27, 2013
ow I will speak

of the horrors that we have to endure in middle school

tight cliques, hard to break

exist for the sole purpose to

stereotype you; reign over you

Fluent with the words, quick with a pen

righteous wisdom flowing from my head and escaping from my hands

onto the paper in front of me

my talent, though, is obliterated.

a life without being on top is too much for the clique.

“Too much time spent in a notebook means you don’t have a social life.”

“Even though you think you are, you’re not. If not for your father, you’d be just as dumb as the rest of


“Annika, you’re so stuck up for having your nose stuck in a book.”

“Creation wasn’t just meant for you, Annika. God made more than one human for a reason, and the

woman was second best to the men. Got that?”

“Help? You think you’re too good to help other people, just because you’re a teacher’s child! You are

just like the rest of us, and don’t you forget it!”

“Even though she says otherwise, her daddy does her homework for her. That’s how she’s so smart.”

“Right over there, Annika. See, even you need help sometimes! Is that hard for you to accept?”

“Superstition says that blonds are dumb. That’s the truth, no matter what Annika says. She’s just like

the rest of us.”

Cannibals like middle schoolers are the worst kind, feeding on people just like them

however much they may not like to accept it,

i am just like them, but I work for who I am

like them, however, I am only human, not something otherworldly

do you see the difference now?

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