The Mystery of Ambiguity

July 20, 2013
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Between the darkness of black
And the purity of white,
There lies a third,
And many shades more.

Some with a bit of black
In the grace of white;
Others with but a smidget of white
In the dark folds of black.

And there,
There is where humanity lies,
For neither will be
Wholly black or wholly white.

The gray area in between,
That is where we flourish,
In the shades of darkness and light
That are full of infinite choices.

If you do something wrong,
But for the right reasons,
Does that make it right,
Or wrong?

For if there is some good
Hidden in the intentions of the bad,
Who are we to judge?
How are we to judge?

And if there is some bad
Lurking in the actions of the good,
Who are we to judge?
HOW are we to judge?

Would you steal bread to feed your daughter?
Would you kill a man to save your son?

Neither one is black or white;
The gray area in between is where we decide.
For ambiguity is a part
Of our very souls.

The black and white
Seem oh so tame,
But alas, the gray area between
Is where we lose the blame.

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