Its Me and Its You

July 12, 2013
Before you came into my world
It was dark
And lonely and cold
There were dying emotions
And fear was forever present in the musky air
My world never had sun
No joy, no fun, nothing of any good
There were only moons and black cats
And the faint hooting of owls
And I was always locked inside, staring at the ceilings
Lying in my bed of dead roses
But when you came, oh, when you came
Arriving on your white horse
Climbing up the tower, peering in with uncertain dark eyes
And there we were, staring at each other
And your eyes held the hopes of my world
What happened after that day was history
You rescued me and brought me back to life
Together, we gathered the dead roses and watched as they grew new
We put them in a pink vase and sat them outside near the sun
I smiled, every day after you arrived
Fresh green grass decorated the pastures of my world
And I realized, when we were sitting in a hammock
And you were gazing at your hands, wondering what to talk about
I realized that I loved you
And ever since then
You are the best thing that I've been waiting for
The best thing that I never knew I needed
The best thing that's ever happened to me

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