True Blue

June 28, 2013
Loving the skin we’re in
The hair we comb
The shoes we fit
We appreciate the home
True to the land
Always knowing
Where we stand
Taking advantage
Of our inner beauty
Taking advantage
Of all we see
No physical fight
As quiet as it’s kept
Search deep in our wisdom
To find what’s best
Remaining still
Yet continuing to rise
No person should try
Or look to define
Loving the steps of our proud walk
The food we eat
The slang we talk
Graceful as a butterfly
Yet strong as the bees
Knowledge in our mind
Loyal soul and body
Claiming our world
And all we have
Overcoming adversities
Bringing about a dream
We are the greatest
Even before
The world realized
That we were
Always going home
Rewarded with the land
I sincerely adore being an Afro-Mercian

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