Figure It Out

June 30, 2013
A melody
A sharp memory
An afternoon spent walking through the woods holdings hands
Listening to those songs by those amazing bands
Back and forth to school we go
A football game and a Halftime show
Halloween costumes and harvest moon
Not knowing everything would end so soon
Drunken kisses in your presence, another memory to add
But yet the story ended so sad
A best friend I never meant to fall for
But now its just another shut door
Winter nights spent on the phone with you or in my arms
My friends never saw your charms
Frost on the ground and butterflies in our hearts
Or watching "Back to the Future" and eating pop-tarts
Listening to music and trading tattoo ideas; talking until 4 in the morning on the phone
Simply so we aren't alone
I'm sorry I wasn't perfect, I'm sorry I wasn't right
I'm sorry I wasn't you everything after new years night
Things change and time goes on
There is always a new dawn
You tell me to pick someone better for me
But what if you're the only person I want to see?
A best friend or a little more?
How can we ever be Sure?
Did the past write the future or is there still a chance?
Or have we ended that dance?
I guess I have to Figure it out

June 6th,2013
4:32 AM

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