Chemistry 2013

June 28, 2013
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Welcome to eighth grade chemistry ,
Not between a girl and a guy
You're going to wonder,
I'm telling you this why?

First we'll learn about those amazing atoms,
Which has nothing to do with ocean fathoms.
There's neutrons, there's electrons,
Don't forget well known positive protons.

Everyone knows about the periodic table,
every element is always labeled.
It's identity includes an atomic number,
Don't forget it's name,
None of them are the same.

Then the symbol always stands out
I hope you know what I'm talking about.
Finally there's the atomic mass
Which you will learn in this class

I have Fluorine, Argon, Chlorine,
And elements found in-between…
What’s the worth of pure gold?
Check the table,
Then it's sold.

Two H, and one O,
Signed a contract
Right there in the snow,
They went off to run,
But fell to the ground,
Shocked when they formed,
A liquid compound...

There are those things known as metals
An example would be a copper kettle,
Conducts electricity and has a shiny color,
But I'm not talking about that cute smart scholar.

The opposite of that would be the boring nonmetal,
It's never as pretty as red rose petal.
Poor conductors, never a wonder
It's always dull, worse than every skull.

Next, is a term called a metalloid.
not something you always have to avoid.
It has properties of both metal and nonmetal
Which may include that 50 year old kettle.

Chemical reactions, is something you know,
Bonds between atoms are broken but not stolen,
New bonds are formed,
Like the first week at your college dorm.

Do you know all the differences,
Physical vs. chemical change?
Physical,a state of substance change,
The state will be completely rearranged.
Options include solid, liquid, or gas
The change can be slow or even fast.

Water can undergo chemical change
It's molecules will be fully rearranged
Broken down into hydrogen and oxygen,
Somewhat like an electrolysis game.

My favorite thing I learned in class,
Is the Law of Conservation of Matter or Mass.
In the law it clearly states,
Atoms have neither new or ending fates.

Exothermic and endothermic
Concepts you have to learn it, live it, and love it.
Exothermic goes with respiration,
Don't get it mixed up with transpiration.
Endothermic goes with photosynthesis
Don't get it mixed up with electrolysis.

There are four tricky s words,
Solution, solute, solvent suspension.
Solution is a mixture,
A homogeneous mixture.
Many people have found out,
It's actually the same throughout.

Solute is a substance,
Dissolved into a solution.
Scientists have already proven,
Without a solute, there will be no solution.

Solvent is a substance,
Dissolved into a solute.
Individual particles are created,
And won't be able separated

Suspension, suspension,
Not a school offense.
They are particles larger than solution's.
They don't dissolve, they're cloudy like pollution.

Then there are 2 more s words.
Saturated solution,
The max amount of solute.
Don't get it mixed up with,
those nasty killing pollutes.

Then there's that dependent solubility,
There aren't that many possibilities,
If its low in solute,
The saturated solution will be dilute.

Alloy, alloy,
Example of jewelry gold.
It's in that brass, it's in that bronze,
Don't forget at last, it's not in glass.

Lipids, lipids.
They are fats and oils.
Butter contains fats,
And plants use oil.

Experiment with metals such lead
Experiment with mixtures like homemade bread
Please try to be careful and have some fun,
Clean up when you're finally done.

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