June 22, 2013
By Jeeves12345 GOLD, Santa Maria, California
Jeeves12345 GOLD, Santa Maria, California
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It's okay, I won't judge.

When people are mean to others
Do they here their feelings cry out?
When someone bullies another
Do they hear the sound of that person’s heart cutting itself to get out and run away?
Do people realize when they are persecuting the ones they love?
It doesn’t show
Not when hatred swarms their face and blinds their eyes without even knowing it
They don’t see how they are hurting themselves and those around them and they don’t feel a thing
Until it is too late
They swam out too far and now they are shark bait
They put one little drop of hatred into the ocean of despair and sharks smelled it
Meaning that the sharks wanted to feast
Showing what bullying can do to others even if it was meant to be a harmless joke
A tease, a joke, a threat
It doesn’t matter
What matters is the fact you just hurt someone and you don’t know whether they want to tell someone
Too help comfort them,
Whether or not they want to seek revenge,
Whether or not they want to hurt themselves,
Or whether or not they just don’t like themselves, or society, or the ones around them
Even if it is just a harmless joke, you don’t know what the condition of this person is
Or if you just changed their life to make a turn for the worst!
Depression is a pit of lurking darkness that lures people in not letting them back out
Depression is brought forth by the hatred and jealousy of others
Depression is the same dead end that people have to break through in order to set themselves free
It’s a brick wall that seems to be unbreakable
This world is as the once great and mighty Titanic
Thought never to sink
Until one night, when least expected
An iceberg scratched the mighty ship, sending it and everyone on board to disaster!
Hatred is the iceberg that first pierces the heart
Devastating that person and everyone they know and love
Until they person has too much that they cannot bear
Giving them that awful present that has the same result as the Titanic
Please, don’t lash out at others
Treat people how you want to be treated
Look before you leap, think before you speak!
And this world can become a better place

The author's comments:
I just thought this poem would inspire others not to be so mean with their words.

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