I don't know why

June 26, 2013
By , San Diego, CA
A sigh of undesirable
Why can't you let go
The secrecy of unsuccessful
I start to feel it
This painful existence
I don't care
A hollow heart yet filled
With an empty ambition
I hate it
When there are two
Why is it still a lonely together
The anticipation of yesterday
When it has passed for two;
A waiting, a slow waiting
Why does this world look down
Upon this regretful soul
Is it so hard;
To see the mock expression
In the mirror of it all?
It is so hard
I don't know why;
A tear of anxious hiding
The crude upheaval of relinquished
Lasting too long for a liking
A day better than last comes
Worse than the first
I don't know why;
To feel-to yearn for a formidable promise of forever
Stabs the cold knife of the
Unattainable desires;
The smirk of the satisfied insults
Turns to an ugly realization
I don't know why

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