Love is a battlefield <3

June 25, 2013
When two people get in a relationship life suits it's self up. Finds the best weapons of them all, and the hardest amour and prepares it's self for war. The couple has no idea that life is coming to attack, because life attacks without warning. So couples aren't prepared for life's fine weapons and amour. So when life attacks its tough, and some couples being defenseless give up and let life win and take over. Others find what they can get, and stand up and put up a hell of a fight, and for those strong couples that do put up a fight life retreats and takes a break. For awhile at least, enough time for it to get even stronger weapons and even stronger amour. Then once it has regained its strength life strikes again. But this time the couples are prepared, and are not only ready for what life has to throw their way, but are strong enough to stay together through it. That is what love is truly about, to be able to get through the tough times together. To hold each other's hands tighter when life hits hard; that's what true love is.

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