When I Was

June 16, 2013
Isn't it funny
how when you were little
you always built things
out of building blocks
and Legos

You counted sheep
and sang the alphabet
and at snack time you always had something
that tasted like preschool
and peanut butter.

Now you're 18
and you hardly eat a thing
and everything tastes like low-fat
and Slimfast
You sing to yourself
because no cares to hear
the lyrics that can't do a thing
but make you sadder than you are.

Now you're 18
and you count the calories you've burned
and the times you've stepped on the scale
and how many days it's been
since someone's asked what's wrong

And isn't it funny
how you always built things
out of pointed wood and Legos
and now you don't even have
the building blocks
to start.

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