June 15, 2013
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They say not to judge a book by its cover
But I’ve found this sort of judgement useful
Appearances reflect the soul, believe it or not
Like your skin.
It's as pale and smooth as the finest ivory
Just like your soul
And your golden intentions.
Your hair;
It’s some sort of chestnutty brown
It's warm
Like your personality
And I almost wish it could swaddle me
And keep me safe,
Like your words.
Your eyes
They're the deepest blue green I’ve seen yet
And they're clouded grey
So complex
So beautiful,
Like you.
I could get lost in your eyes
And maybe then I could explore and understand you
And find what causes the bit of sadness i see, those grey clouds.
So you see,
I would hate to ignore the cover of a book
When a single glance
Could reveal so much.

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