My Lover, A Gem To My Heart.

June 11, 2013
What is it about my lover that sweetens my eyes so?
What is it about his heart that lightens the hills of the valleys, that flows water upon the streams, that returns the flocks of the fields home?

His topaz eyes with the texture of diamonds, the creeks mimic his eyes design.
Envious with color, the streams shall flow, but his eyes are forever mine.

His heart is the color of tourmaline. Bursting with deep reds, passion like the Lord above. No deer of the field, no dove of the sky can see the depth of his pure, red heart. Solid and unbreakable, strong and pleasing to the eye.

His skin fair like calcite. Soft like the newborn grass upon valleys, young as a spruce in autumn. His strength shines through his flesh and out his eyes, who can question his worth?

His hair shimmers in light like fluorite. White in the warm sun, I recognize him from afar. His beauties like none other, and his soul is deeper then the sea below.

His smell is sweeter then the freshest rose. His laughter is calming like the waves of the seas.

My lover is mine, as I am his. He makes the clouds separate and cool all parts of the earth. He makes the doves coo us songs and the lilies bring our eyes splendor.

He is my prince, the lord is my King. Willingly I accord to both, as they Shepard my longing heart.

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