Words Unspoken

June 12, 2013
Dear you,

there are so many words i have left unspoken

i was scared to hear them said

it didn’t matter which heart was left broken

so long as mine remained whole

my silence leaves room for a thousand whispering voices

they haunt my dreams with their reproach

i am reminded of a million faulty choices

that held me back from speaking out

i can’t stop

can you hear them?

i must speak

do you understand them?

theyshouttheyscreamtheydemandtheyfightthey HURT!

theypinchtheybitetheytorturetheytormentthey WON’T STOP!

theyhisstheyspittheytastetheydevourthey NEVER END!

i can barely breathe

there are so many words i have left unspoken

it is too late for most of them

but there is still time for my silence to be broken

so i will simply say this

i’m sorry

maybe the whispers will quiet at last

don’t worry about me if they don’t

i’m finally free from the remains of my past

so i think i’ll be alright

there are still words left unspoken

but perhaps it is better that way

i am sorry now for the heart i left broken

perhaps you can forgive me one day

Sincerely, me

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