If Yout Stare At the Sun to Long You'll Go Blind

June 3, 2013
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If You Stare at the Sun to Long, You’ll Go Blind
She was an angel, of fallen dreams
White clothes ripped, tattered at the seams
Her face the mark of beauty so pure
Every inch, every feature like highlights of Heaven on Earth
Amongst this virgin danced the black tongues of man
Dark rivers of hatred¬¬¬---out mouth they ran
Spitting their venom and staining with blots
Clouding her skies every chance it got
Her body of fallen dreams became a nightmare
Her features so striking, turned withered like old hair
Purity diminished and light burned out
Melancholy tunes were all she could sprout
From once so pure
There was only one cure
So she went back to the skies
To love, life, and suffrage
she closed her eyes

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