May 29, 2013
By muzzik_gurl_dora_4 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
muzzik_gurl_dora_4 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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worry about today, rejoice on the day, you don't know if tomorrow you'll have the same opportunity.

What if lived in a world without dreams?
A world where our nightmares are kings.
With anxiety eating our souls,
And desperation knocking on our doors.

What if everything we thought to be true, wasn't?
And in reality, we've been lied to for selfish reasons.
All locked up inside an imaginary world.
Thinking love is the most important thing,
Next to god of course, because this world is so perfect.

We believe on what we see,
And what we see are money, looks, and status.

But we don't see that girl suffering and crying after being raped countless of times,
We don't see that mother suffering in desperation after reading a letter, sent by some officer, stating that her only son has died on war,
We don't see that little boy killing his sister, shooting and stabbing at her, because of orders of the strange man with the gun.

News tell us what's going on around the world,
But they don't tell us this.

So does this mean their life's aren't worth it?
Because they aren't important enough to be on the news?
Or in the cover of a magazine?
Not important enough for their pain to be console by others?

We believe on what we see,
But we only see the surface of things,
We don't see the behind the scenes.
Where a little boy boy can't dream further than staying alive.
Where a young woman doesn't dare to fall asleep, because she knows that those painful memories will come back again to hunt her, just like they do every night.
Where thousands of kids die, because they are unable to put a piece of bread in their mouths.
Where a woman hides her kids away in the attic, in fear of someone coming and taking them away from her.

Some may think, "This is all crap, a complete hoax, something that doesn't happen in the 21st Century."
But it's not!
This has, is and will happen, always,
Because this is not some perfect little world where everything is all white and angelic or holy.

It's time for people to open their eyes,
And not worry about who's got better this or better that.
It's time to see reality as it is, and not try to cover it with some pretty pink makeup,
Because just like the color of roses is red, so is the blood.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because that's what I felt in my heart. I think that we really have to be reminded that the world we live in is not that perfect, and we often forget that because we only see so far, and after that I guess we tend to put walls around that for us not to see. My inspiration for this was the many doleful stories that we don't see, because we only see the world through a screen that's not even controlled by us, but by someone else. The world has 6.9 billion people in it, and there are about 155 thousand deaths per day, that's about 155 thousand people who cry everyday mourning for someone they love, this literally means nothing to us, but this means the world to them. There are many reasons for sadness in this world that we might never experience but I think that knowing about them it's much better than not knowing at all.

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