"One Heartbeat"

May 29, 2013
By amyte SILVER, Yuba City, California
amyte SILVER, Yuba City, California
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There's nothing that brings us together
Better than music
As soon as a song begins to play
It's like we're all in our own worlds.
And the beat, the rhythm of the music
seems to turn into our own heartbeats,
linking us all together as one throbbing,
pulsing creature.
The lyrics become our new language;
we don't speak, just dance because that's how
we communicate now.
We don't think, just feel
the tempo swelling through our blood,
urging our souls to flee our bodies
where they float freely in the air
Until the song's over- then they must
come back.
Then, we're all in one world again
listening to our own individual heartbeats
not linked together anymore
speaking different languages
our emotions and feelings become
mixedw ords and thoughts again.
That is, until the next song begins.

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