Mood Swings

May 24, 2013
I love you.
You give me solace, cradle and comfort me,
The blanket that covers and protects me in the night.
You can make me fly, floating freely above the fluffy clouds,
The warm sun beating on my back.
I feel unbeatable, like nothing can bring me down.
You hold my heart, making it beat like a drum solo.
You fill me with giggles, more and more, until I have to release them,
Birds that were trapped in a cage, spreading their wings, soaring away.
You make me smile with every promise of happiness and change;
“Everything’s going to hell,” I lament.
“Everything will be alright,” you promise and, like a fool,
I believe you.
But then, you turn, thrusting a serrated knife into my back.
You just watch as a scarlet river streams down my spine,
And the ocean flows off my cheeks.
You can be the epitome of cruelty,
Cold as the arctic, grounding like gravity,
Pulling me from my flight,
The very one you launched me into.
I run from you, trying to escape your hold,
Ice shooting through my veins at the prospect of your return.
You go from being my best friend to my worst enemy,
Feeding on my screams and mercy pleas,
Landing me in the cold, sterile world I’ve always feared becoming a part of.
You are the worst best thing in my life,
And the best worst thing,
Keeping me happy while you hold me in chains.
And I know I will never escape you.

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