Pink Wings and Cigarettes

May 19, 2013
“You can do whatever you put your mind to”, she was told from various people at a young age.
She had the mindset that she could do it.
She would flaunt around,
Telling everybody,
“I am going to be a princess.”
Adults would just giggle out of how cute she was,
Because she was a princess of course,
How could she not be one with her wearing a glittery fairy outfit with pink wings and a princess want with a star on the end?
You could often find her sitting in her daddy’s lap,
Playing doctor.
She was so sincere and innocent then.
That side of her died out a little each day.

As years progressed,
You could give each year a name.
First grade, the year she learned how to make friends.
Second grade, the year she got first communion.
Third grade, the year she learned about puberty.
Fourth grade, the year she begged her mom to get her first training bra and stopped believing in magic.
Fifth grade, the year she had her first kiss.
Sixth grade, the year she skipped a year of math because she was really smart.
Seventh grade, the year she started shopping at victoria’s secret. The year she got her first real boyfriend. The year she stopped communicating with her parents. The year she changed for good.
Eighth grade, the year she flunked algebra. The year she lost her morals. The year she forgot about religion. The year she refused to go to church.
Ninth grade, the year she became a D+ student. The year she started to blame everything on the world. The year that all she cared about was her body.

Tenth grade,
She is at the mall with her clique of friends.
She is in the group that is wearing the short shorts, up their butt.
The girls with half a shirt on.
The group of girls that looks identical.
Every girl has dyed blonde hair,
Fake nails,
Tan skin,
and lastly they have dirty little secrets.

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Sissybug19 said...
May 30, 2013 at 6:04 pm
ain't it the truth though? i like this a lot...check out my poem "paranoia".
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