Truly Mad

May 18, 2013
You've never truly been so mad at me
It's always been just jokes
It's always been forgivable
Until the unforgivable
I thought you would tell me it's ok
I thought you would hug me and sigh
But you were angry
I don't have to ask why
I do not blame
ButI just wish you would feel my pain
So I lay here crying myself to sleep
Noticing these tears slipping down my cheek
I really am sorry
There's no other way I can say it
But you just tell me it's my fault
Like I didn't already know
The pain in my heart is fierce
Burning with apologetic feeling
I tried so hard not to screw up
But in the end I am the same old person
I'm sorry I let you down
There is no way to repay you

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