That Night

May 24, 2013
By icsparkles GOLD, Yarmouth, Maine
icsparkles GOLD, Yarmouth, Maine
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My hands picking up
those sharpies,
uncapping them and lunging.
A hard streak across your skin.
Your soft hand uncapping markers,
to return the rainbow.
Our feet racing softly on the floor,
in the early morning,
trying to keep quiet.
Even hushing our giggles and shrieks.
The rainbows spread from arms to legs.
You trap me in many corners,
tricking me into a place I cannot escape.
Just like our love, you have trapped me.
And I never want to get out.
You wrap me in your arms,
and draw an orange heart on my shoulder.
Again, you wrap me in your arms.
And this time I feel the love radiating from you.
But I try to ignore it,
because ow could a person like me,
get a person like you?
How could a person like you
love a person like me?
When you ask the question,
about my thoughts,
I want to keep them to myself.
But my smile spreads big, just as it had been
for hours.
You meant everything to me.
And still do.
Always will.
I love you.
That night is a great memory to me.
And shall remain so forever.
Thank you for it.

The author's comments:
It's the beginning of a relationship that I have with an extremely important person in my life.

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