I Hope You Know

May 23, 2013
I hope you know
That no one is rooting for us
Everyone thinks that I’m better off without you
And that I need to let go
But I don’t want to
And that’s why I’m still here
I reach out every single day
And you hardly return the favor
Maybe that’s because you really just don’t care that much
Maybe it’s because you know I don’t have anything better to do
My time isn’t precious
It isn’t jam-packed with social activity
My time is me, laying in bed
Trying to fall asleep
So the hours of waiting go by faster
I wake up early and I call out
Maybe by the time I wake up
Four hours later
You’ll have responded
Maybe you don’t want me to call
Maybe when I get mad when people say

You’re holding onto a dream
You would be embarrassed
Whenever I say something remotely emotional
You don’t answer
It’s like shouting into the void
Conversations with you are like talking to a wall
And I don’t even disdain it
You’re one-word answers don’t ignite resentment
They send me into a spiral of what-ifs
And worst of all
What’s wrong with me?
The saddest part is
Without you
And your one-word answers and the
I love you
I only hear in my imagination
In the dreams I wait
For I’m even more alone

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foxydramallama said...
Oct. 21, 2013 at 3:41 pm
I love this poem, the ability to relate to a poem is special and you were able to do this.
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