When Trouble Came

May 21, 2013
And down the lane, here she came
Sway of her hips, so familiar
Turn of her head when she saw me,
Frustratingly close, but so far away
From the watchtower.
Ah yes, we all knew Trouble when she came.

When Trouble came, the town was a wreck
Hide your things darling,
Keep them close! Lock the shed,
Nearer she comes, Trouble comes.

Like a dark cloud come over us, we hid.
Food stored, toys under the bed, animals away.
That is what happened when Trouble came.

It was worse the first time she came,
The men fell to their knees, women wanted to be her
And we didn’t know, not then,
She was Trouble, and this is what happened when Trouble came to town.

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