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May 20, 2013
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Her fingers pressed the glass
Smudged the blue silk
Grasping for solid material
That meandered away
Calmly, quietly
With the white winter breeze
That froze all it caressed

Her reflection stared back
A shadow of gray
Emotionless eyes
Of insufferable night
Forever locking
The window to her spirit
Watched it struggle
To breathe, to wither
And fall

She once tried to fly
To feel the warm glow
Of the crimson sun
Of the emerald freedom
But they beat her down
Crushed her warmth
Buried them deep
To never fly again

So she bent over
And touched the earth
Its cold, sepia embrace
Broke as it shrank away
Withered, afraid
Burned by her tears
Her river of celeste

She turned away
Dimmed with the sunset
Faced the sky and
Left behind a cloud
Of fading color
Gone with the rain

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