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May 13, 2013
You always wear your belt buckle
a little too tight
don't worry
it won't let go
The knot of your tie
cradled neatly in the concavity of your throat
a Businessman
9 to 5
papers in 12 point font
all with the same ringtone
that screams
the monotonous torture of tedium
walk home stiffly
you open your briefcase
in the comfort of your bedroom
Rip off your suit
(Is it yours? Six people at work have the same one.)
A briefcase full of lipstick
Tonight it is Ravishing Red
and tennis shoes
a yellow dress
which traces letters that shout
the opposite of shame
as you dance through the living room on your tiptoes
Ravishing in a Red smile
from 9 to 5

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