The Final Bell

May 10, 2013
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Beep, Beep, Beep...
Dreams shattered by the sound of an alarm.
Unwilling to get out of bed, just wanting
to press snooze.
Thoughts are foggy, movements are slow
Barely awake while trying to get ready,
today is off to a late start
A nice warm bed looks so welcoming.
Maybe just five more minutes...
Laying back down, five minutes
turn to an hour.
Breakfast isn't a choice today.
Watching as the yellow bus get farther out of sit.
Panic starts to rise
Sprinting full speed, arms pumping, legs burning
One block down, six more to go.
Another tarty means another detention.
The warning bell rings as the locker door flings open
As the final bell goes off,
the teacher close the door
Now, walking to the office full of shame for yet another tardy pass.

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