Carpe Diem

May 8, 2013
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You have but one life on Earth,
It's starts the moment of your birth,
You go on until you die,
But you always live the lie,
That your actions will not matter,
But this lie you should shatter,

You must throw out these old ideas,
You will fall quickly like Urias,
Your downfall won't be pleasant,
You will die like a peasant,

You need to live for now,
But the question isn't how,
If you live your life for the best,
You will rise above the rest,
You can not forget the future,
Or pull out every suture,
You build upon your past,
Your life was not miscast,
Your past is not a forecast,
Your future is still so vast,

You must live for now,
but you must leave a vow,
That your future will be intact,
Because your actions have an impact,
Only you are to blame,
If you live your life in shame,

Your past is behind you,
It doesn't define what you do,
You have the opportunity for a great life,
Now don't make it end in strife.

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