But these things are not a home

May 3, 2013
By , Sherman Oaks, CA
I wish home were a blanket
a big fuzzy blue blanket
that I could wrap myself in
when life gets cold

I wish home were a person
a lovely, beautiful person
that I could share an umbrella with
when life begins to rain

I wish home were a meal
a hot, guilt-inducing meal
that would fill my belly
when life is too empty

and I wish home were a place
or a dress
or a carpet
or a lamp
or more than just a memory
of better times gone by.

Because while a memory is a pretty thing
it doesn’t keep you warm
or the raindrops off your face
or your stomach satisfied
or you safe
or your body covered
or your feet happy
or your life full of light

and those are all things that a home should do.

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