How Do I Say I'm Sorry

April 29, 2013
We are all afraid of some things in this world. We all know something bad is going to happen somehow and somewhere. We just don’t know what time. A mother and a father cry for the loss of their child. A sister and a brother cry for the loss of a sibling. Another family is crying for a loved one who should not have died. I want to reach out to you and wipe away the tears and even give a long distant hug. My heart aches for you, for the children, for the families. I'm sorry.
I know that they are in a good place. The guy who did this is a coward and was afraid. When your world has shut down and tended into a world that is black and gray you don’t believe in anything anymore. Your happens and joy was taken with that child but, think... think about their smile, their frown, their pouty face and their angry sorry. Would you think they would be happy to see you this way? I believe they would love to see you smile and be happy. No, don’t forget them, never forget them but, remember them. I believe they would want you to find an opening to that deep dark frost. On the other end you will find warmth and happiness. I want this to be like a blanket, warming you and soothing for you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for you loss. I'm sorry the man who was a cowered to face you. I believe he was afraid of you and the other families. He was afraid of Justus so he took the easy way out. I’m sorry. I hope two words let you know that I care. I’m sorry. I hope you know that I care about them. I’m sorry.

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