The Hands that Could Not Be Kept Steady

April 26, 2013
By Raindrop563 SILVER, Levelland, Texas
Raindrop563 SILVER, Levelland, Texas
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There once was a blue umbrella
And a red scarf
When the wind blew
So they did also
For their owner could not
Keep his hands
during the storm
That raged across the lands
While the wind blew
The scarf who doubted
Was convinced that they
Would never return
To the hands that could
Not be kept
During the storm
The umbrella who had faith
Believed that he would
Be returned to his master
Before the end of
The storm
When the wind
Ceased to blow
The scarf who doubted
Landed in a tree
Tattered beyond repair
But the umbrella who believed
Returned at the feet of the owner
Who could not keep
His hands
During the storm

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