A Dream

April 26, 2013
She was a dream
Intangible, unmanageable
Wild child, hot mess,
Her hair and dress all in a whirl
As she spun and spun
Not a care in the world
Racing to the top of the hill and
dancing, dancing,
beneath the stars.
She was so far, far away;
I couldn’t get her to stay.
Straying from my fingertips,
Though I reached and reached.
She was a dream
I tried to keep her,
Keep her there,
There beneath the stars,
a twirling mess of hair and dress
but she was a dream
fading, fading away.
So we ran.

We ran and ran
Through the fields
And up the hill
Drinking up our fill
Of the night
Our fill of each other
Of one another,
And yet, each time
The sun pierced my window frame
I knew it wasn’t her to blame
Because she was a dream
A dream that always fades.

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