Who am I?

April 21, 2013
I lie awake
and think about what it
I never had my stupid annoying

What I played soccer
like Max and Rachel or
would I not write my

Would I not be socially awkward
and have different friends
would I not push

When I truly think of the
what if
I can’t

My disability has made me who
I am. A strong girl with
no thought of giving

It has pushed me not to define
the status quo of kids with CP
it gave me the strength to be the
student I am

my disability of taught me
to be accepting of others
and to understand the difference of the

By disability has shown
me the light of my imagination and made it soar with characters that
overcome odds

It has taught me to be thankful
for the blessings I have, my voice
my mind, my legs, and my

my disability is a part of me
no matter how much I wish it wasn’t it
will always be. I’ve grown to accept the thing called a

My name is
Tara Mackenzie J.
and I’m learning to be accepting of my

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