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April 21, 2013
You asked me if I believed in reincarnation, and I said yes, so you asked me who I was before
I said maybe I was a séance, and you said then you were every single candle that kept me burning.
When I tried to fill my pockets with stones and step into the river
You removed them one by on and cast them away after saying
My heart was already so heavy it would weigh me down
Far faster than any piece of limestone...
I repeat your name aloud in my head, twenty times
Thirty if I’m feeling extra OCD, just one girl praying at your altar,
Remembering how your mouth fell like holy wine over my spine
And the first time you left me I threw the computer out the window
Until I heard the glass screen crash onto the lawn below and that
That's the sound of my heart.
My mother asked me why I was so obsessed
With fruit flies and I said because they only live for thirty days;
If I were one I’d get to spend a whole month with you.
You're so beautiful landslides with they could throw themselves, down your skin
The second time you left Satan sent a postcard to God
Begging for his forgiveness if it only meant you'd come home again
Every time I wanted to tie a metaphorical noose around the neck of our love
You made me tie it around those ventricles instead;
Even when the blood flow shut off you said you still loved
Every frequency that vibrated from my body
Even on the bad days
When I was just a 9.8 on the Richter Scale
Waiting for someone to come cut me down.

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