In A Thousand Haunted Rooms

April 8, 2013
In a thousand haunted rooms, I stand alone against the masses.
Alone with the ghosts of yesterday.
My mind on places too far back to remember, my heart too far lost into the past.

The future,, to sparkling to behold with my weak eyes, stands in front of my lifeless hands.
I watch your lips go on, while mine remain frozen.

My heart has forgotten how to love, my mouth has forgotten how to speak, my eyes no longer see.

You say, and have said, that all is not lost.
But you are wrong, for I have seen the future, and what it holds, things even the blind can see.

Dread presses around my body, hatred from every time you have spoken.
Still you speak angry word, meant to harm.
But I am a wall. You cannot break me.

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