I'm Fine

April 4, 2013
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I am a honest person
I swore to my mother that I will never be a liar
But I lied
I don’t lie a lot
But one of my most common lies is
“I’m fine.”
How can someone be fine.
Fine means of high quality
Can a person be of high quality?
Maybe of quality.
but high quality?
I know i’m not the only liar.
I hear “I’m Fine” all the time.
A boy who is called gay and weird. shoved and pushed
waits an hour late after school to go home so he is not bombarded with insults
asked by his mother how he is.
He lies.
A girl who is told she is pretty but looks in the mirror see ugly
She goes to sit with her friends after throwing up her lunch
asked by her friends how she is
She lies.
A wife who is beaten by her husband every night works at school every day
She hands out papers after covering up her scars
asked by a boy in her class how she is.
She lies.
Myself, who shares laughs at school has lost a brother
I go home and look at his photo and cry.
Asked by my friend how I am.
I lie.
Do we lie to hurt?
or do we lie because we think that the more we tell our self something,
eventually it will become true.
If we water a seed every minute will it grow faster?
or eventually will it sink?
What if we are all just ships building up a armor of “fines” glued together with “i’ms”.
But eventually we will hit an iceberg that will break us.
The world won’t know why,
because we are fine.
Do we not trust each other with the truth?
The truth that words coming from a smiling mouth saying “i’m fine” are coverup from an aching soul.
A close friend doesn’t know that “i’m fine” is missing a “not” in the middle.
What if we all just whispered a not in of our casual lie.
Would anyone hear?
Or would they would be just too busy hiding their own fines that they miss it.
How can people lie like that?
Our lies are becoming bearers of hurt feelings and dry tears.
Maybe we should all go to rehab for lying.
It will go something like this.
Hi my name is Kat
I am a liar and... I’m fine.

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