Awkward DC

April 4, 2013
When I see him
On stage
I’m mesmerized.
I can’t look away
From the beauty.
A box hides his shape.
Makeup hides his face.
But his voice
Is still the same.
I love hearing the dumb jokes.
Written for someone else
Because he’s the one saying them.
I laugh at the stupidest things
Because his breathy voice
Is saying it.
He doesn’t realize
That whenever he’s on stage
I’m watching his every move
Smiling ear to ear
Because it’s him on on stage.
The audience sees his character
But I look past that.
I want to see him.
I want to know him.
Not a box who tells time
But he’s important
A main character.
I get left in the background
Because I’m unimportant.
Did you ever see a clock
With a napkin?
Or a successful butler
With the poorest of the poor?
But I’ll keep trying
Because I’m convinced
We fit together
Like pieces of an awkward puzzle.

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