April 4, 2013

The face is worn and wrinkled but there is something completely opposite on the inside.


Your hair is gray and messy but I don’t care you make me happy and make me laugh that’s all I care.

I fear you may leave me soon.

Ever since I was born we were like two peas in a pod. You always make my day even just hearing your voice sometimes makes me smile.

I’m sorry for all those times I wouldn’t do things with you, even if it were as simple as going on a walk with you. Or for all those times I wouldn’t just be crazy with you out of fear of others would think.

You have always been here for me and I hope you will be for a long time. When I was little I remember the small things you would do for me.

I remember you would zip, zip, zip my coat up just stuff me with scarves and mittens and hats before I would go out sledding with you.

The sweatshirt you gave me will always be my favorite, the smell of your home makes me happy.

I wish you will live forever so my children will meet you.

I love that you just walk into your neighbors house and bring their dog on a walk.

You make my mother marvel at the things you do.

You could go 10 days without sleep i bet because you have so much energy!

Your scruffled beard always makes you look ragedy

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EricOMG said...
Apr. 11, 2013 at 12:20 pm
I really love the sensory details you give in this poem, I can see how much passion is gives because of the in depth descriptions.
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