April 6, 2013
By sooraalsalaam GOLD, Ellicott City,
sooraalsalaam GOLD, Ellicott City,
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Favorite Quote:
"Words mean nothing until they mean something to YOU."

"Be the person you love. That way, the person who falls in love with you falls in love with what you love."

"Always keep an open mind. You never know what beauty you may find."

When hours turn to minutes
And minutes to hours again

When the pain turns to an ache
And then it's the ache that hurts
And not the pain

When the journey becomes the wait
And the wait becomes the journey

When the crisis stands still
It's at its worst and at its best

When beliefs hold truer than ever
And more than ever you don't believe

When playful hope is sinister regret
And playful regret becomes sinister hope

Another minute another hour
Time flies by
It's been a second

Opened my eyes and I saw
And then I began to understand

The author's comments:
It can be anything. But when I wrote it I meant for it to be about a life-changing, or heart-breaking, or catastrophic event. Like a bomb going off outside your home and then walking out and seeing the aftermath. Or simply the feelings immediately after losing or finding out that you're losing a loved one.

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