March 29, 2013
Once upon a time there was a princess on a ledge.
Frustration boiled in her as she looked down her tower,
And all she saw was fog.
She’s never seen anything else.
She’s never had the courage,
“Dear little princess,
don’t leave your beautiful tower,
all that awaits you below is hunger and pain,
princess your life can be easy and happy here!”
They would all tell her.
She’s had enough of silk dresses and soothsayers,
she was tired of perfection.
There was unrest inside her.
One day she stood on her window’s ledge,
smell scents she’s never smelled before.
Feathered being flew past her,
fascinated she stepped closer to the sky but once again she was hindered by that edge,
and she was engulfed in envy,
how dare they fly without her!
How dare they do what they please!
“I can be free too,
just you watch!”
She thought as she stepped closer to the very edge,
…and jumped…

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