The Web Of The Blameless

March 26, 2013
Is it 23/1/12 or 23/1/13?
I am so confused right now
Can't wait to get out of this facet
I thought that people were there to comfort you
But apparently i forgot the ones that are there to destroy you

Wished i knew it back then when it mattered
When i could have saved myself from all that pressure

Pressure to be the perfect daughter
Pressure to be the perfect student
Pressure to be the perfect escort
And pressure to be the perfect replacement

Perfect's a word you can't run from
A word feared even by the top-notch people
Many frightened,succumb to it
Give in to the one who pays the piper
And when they hear a different tune
They too become confused

The matter of fact is that you can't be a westerly
Change is inevitable but adapting to it isn't always favourable
All this confusion leads to only destruction
As this confusion inroads into destruction

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BlurAngel said...
Apr. 9, 2013 at 7:58 pm
nice piece.. loved it...
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