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Blood to Snow

March 29, 2013
By ShyRhea SILVER, Cordell, Oklahoma
ShyRhea SILVER, Cordell, Oklahoma
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Blood against Snow
though it runs deep
still seen upon the thinnest layer
I will give to the snow a prayer

So soft is the snow
so white is the snow
so pure

so tortured is blood
so red is the blood
to ending

red meets white
and forms a sight to see
such a sight
beautiful to the eye
though deadly at heart

to whom does this blood belong
to where has this snow traveled before
I do not know
but mixing now both tell of a battle

war is told by the land
and by it's scars
it whispers to the night of battles won
and lost

blood stains the snow
the sight tells of death
it tells of a breathless time

can I breath now
or am I still trying to drain the blood
from my white soul

it's in this time I fall the hardest
but in falling the hardest
I stand the tallest
from the grave
I almost withered and gave
under the weight
of a beautiful thing

Blood against Snow
though it runs deep
knows of war
and of friends lost

The author's comments:
This is about a dream I had after having a nightmare where I lived an entire life in war, I wonder if other people have full life dreams like I do sometimes?

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